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 A lovely residential neighborhood with ample greenspace and Rhein access, Wettstein is also dotted with numerous parks and playgrounds as well as some nice restaurants.

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Wettstein, named after former Basel Mayor Johann Rudolf Wettstein (1594-1666), was largely undeveloped until the late 19th century.  After that, residential development began to pick up, most notably near the Rhein, and it was complemented with more industrial and community buildings after the Second World War.  


Today, the Roche Buildings tower over the district, but it is also characterized by a mix of homes and apartments with parks and playgrounds spread throughout.   It’s home to a large educational complex including the Basel School of Design, as well as cultural anchor, the Tinguely Museum.  

Highlights Wettstein
Here for the Day Wettstein


The Brauerei is a charming, up-class version of a traditional Swiss-style restaurant.  The menu is small but excellent with fresh salads and Swiss favourites like Schnitzel and Cordon Bleu.  As they are also partnered with the Sieb Dupf winery, so you can be sure of an excellent wine selection as well.


Grenzacherstrasse 60, 4058 Basel



Schöpfli is a lovely buvette-style cafe in the shadow of the Roche towers in Solitude Park. It's only open during the warmer months and perfect for lunch or brunch on a sunny day.  It's also a great spot for after-work drinks.  It's very popular so best to make a reservation if you want to be ensured a table.


Solitude Park 

Grenzacherstrasse 200 4070, Basel


Werkraum Warteck 

The former Warteck Brewery now Werkraum Warteck hosts a number of different businesses, ranging from craftsmen, artists, architects and designers, to restaurants, dance studios and creative offices.  It offers a number of workshops and courses, including dance and lino-printmaking.


On the second floor, is the highly rated Cantina Don Camilllo. Don Camillo offers many fusion cuisine options, including vegan. The service is outstanding and during the warm months, the rooftop patio provides a light and summery atmosphere. 

Kulturbeiz 113 is another great restaurant offering a seasonal dinner menu. With a rooftop terrace overlooking the Rhine, it makes this place ideal for a sunset cocktail. Reservations for both restaurants are recommended.

Werkraum Warteck

Cantina Don Camillio

Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel

Kulturbeiz 113

Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel


Photo: urbzoo


Cantina Don Camillio



Kulturbeiz 113


Contribution by: Salina Berg

Werkraum Warteck
Siebe Dupf

enothek siebe Dupf

What began as a wine shop in 1874, Seibe Dupf is now the largest winemaker in the Basel region (with its winery located in Liestal).  In addition to the winery’s offerings you will find a fine selection of wines from around Europe.  Swing by for a bottle or a glass and consider booking it for an intimate tasting.  It is also partnered with the neighbouring Brauerie restaurant, where you can sample their wine paired with some delicious food.

Siebe Dupf

Grenzacherstrasse 62, 4058 Basel


new asia market

New Asia Market has a surprisingly good selection of Asian groceries, given its small size.  From noodles to sauces, spices to snack foods, this is a great destination for the home chef or someone just looking for some tasty seaweed snacks!

New Asia Market

Rheinfelderstrasse 1, 4058 Basel
New Asia Market
Things to do Wettstein

Tinguely Museum

The Tinguely is one of Basel's most famous museums, housing the permanent collection of Basel's own painter and sculptor, Jean Tinguely.  If you like 'kinetic sculptures' (i.e. sculptures that move when you press a button), then this is the place for you! Be sure to check out the surrounding grounds (Solitude Park) and visit their gift shop and river-side cafe.

Tinguely Museum

Paul Sacher-Anlage 2, 4002 Basel

Here to stay Wettstein
parks and playgrounds
Green Leaves

parks & playgrounds

This relatively small district of Basel is chocked full of playgrounds and parks.  Make sure to bring your little ones and sample the many assortments of play structures, splash pads and fountains.