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 One of Basel's border neighbourhoods, Kleinhüningen's vibe is a combination of funky industrial and river-front paradise.  

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Originally an independent fishing and agricultural village, the Canton of Basel-Stadt took over Kleinhüningen in 1893, the same year that the first chemical plant opened in the village.  The once rural village was transformed by the growing dye and pharmaceutical industries as well as the construction of the port in the early to mid 1900s. In 2019, Basel’s port processed 10% of all Swiss imports.


Today, the neighbourhood continues to transform with new residential apartments, the development of the Stücki shopping area, hotel and business park as well as the 3Land project, which has brought the three countries together to plan the future of this shared area.  


Hidden in the farthest tip of Kleinhüningen, Sandoase is a true oasis, as the name suggests.  A lively bar and restaurant, it changes seasonally and offers the best of both summer and winter to Basel. With its 'Summerdorf' it brings the beach to Basel (literally) with a sand and palm trees. For its 'Winterdorf' it completely transforms with a cosy fondue dining hall and purpose-built fondue huts, serving (you guessed it) several different types of fondue. With stunning views of the Dreiländereck (where the three countries meet), you can enjoy the amazing atmosphere with a drink and a delicious meal. Also open for lunchtime in the summer and a great destination for the kids.


Westquaistrasse 75, 4057 Basel

Restaurants Kleinhunigen

Restaurant sahara

Restaurant Sahara is an absolute gem in Kleinhüningen that has delicious home-made authentic Moroccan food in a beautiful setting. The owner is really lovely and the food is excellent and made fresh. Make sure to try one of tagines (the lamb and plum one is fabulous), or the 'Pastilla' (a truly scrumptious chicken and almond pie).  She also makes wonderful fresh baklava and other Moroccan pastries for desert.  The restaurant is very small so it's best to consult the menu online and pre-order if you have a large party.



Restaurant Sahara

Hochbergerstrasse 112, 4057 Basel

Restaurant Sahara

Photos: Restaurant Sahara


stücki park

Stücki is a truly beautiful mall. It has a number of shops including, Migros, Bächli Bergsport, Guess, Smyth's Toys and many more.  There is also GYYM Health and Fitness and office space rental.

It recently opened Arena Cinemas & Bowling, an impressive state of the art cinema that includes 4D theatres.  If you have not yet experienced 4D, get ready for a wild ride as not only do you get the 3D experience, but the seats take you on a rollercoaster ride and which includes spraying water, snow and bubbles!  There is also an impressive bowling ally next door, complete with bar arcade and pool tables.  


Arena Cinema & Bowling

Hochbergerstrasse 70, 4057 Basel

Shopping Kleinhunigen
Green Leaves

the wiese

Right in the heart of Kleinhüningen is the Wiese River, which flows south from Germany's Black Forest until it joins with the Rhein in Basel.  Historically, the river was used for fishing, agricultural irrigation, mill power and timber rafting.  The river has been "corrected" several times to manage flood risks.  Today it is a source of natural beauty and recreation, where you can go for a stroll/jog or enjoy a picnic. Swimming or wading (at your own risk)  is also possible when the conditions are good and you may even spot a blue heron!  It is also a popular spot for foraging (wild garlic, elderflower and dandelion).

Things to do Kleinhunigen
Here to stay

Creative Kids

Creative Kids is a fantastic space that offers workshops and after school programs for kids and teens.  Open workshops take place on Wednesday afternoons and are free for kids (ages 10 and up).  Here kids can participate in different crafts and activities or simply hang out.  Parents must sign a waiver releasing supervision responsibility (the kids have to be accountable for themselves).

Creative Kids

Hochbergerpl. 3, 4057 Basel

Creative Kids

cross-border shopping

Kleinhüningen borders the Dreiländeck, where France, Germany and Switzerland meet. This is a popular shopping destination for locals as the prices are generally lower (in comparison to Switzerland) and you can claim tax refunds. Make sure to check the customs regulations before you go as there are limits on what you can buy (most notably with meat and alcohol).


Swiss customs regulations



Cross-Border Shopping

Academia International School

Bonergasse 75, 4057 Basel

academia international school

Academia is a small German/English bilingual school and its primary school (Kindergarten to Grade 6) is located in Kleinhüningen.  The school is housed in the Clavelgut house originally constructed as a country estate in the 18th century.  The building has had a number of uses, including an upscale restaurant, prior to becoming the school. 

Academia International School

remondis recycling center

From paper to office electronics to hazardous waste you can take it directly to Remondis Recycling Center. Reduce your waste and take all your plastic garbage here using Sammelsack.  For more info our guide on recycling in Basel can be found here.

Remondis Recycling Center
Bonergasse 12, 4057 Basel

Remondis Recycling Center


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For more statistical information on the neighborhood visit Basel Stadt’s Neighborhood Profiles. 

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