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Indian Culture in Basel

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Nestled along the serene waters of the Rhine, the city of Basel, with its "Culture Unlimited" tagline, is not just a meeting point of borders but also a melting pot of cultures. Among the many vibrant communities that weave into the tapestry of Basel's multicultural fabric, the Indian community stands out as a radiant and dynamic presence. In this exploration of 'Indian Culture in Basel,' we uncover the colors and flavors the Indian diaspora brings to this remarkable city.

The Indian Community in Basel

The Indian community in Basel is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. With a diverse range of professionals, artists, scholars, and families, this diaspora carries a unique blend of heritage and innovation. Notably, the Indian presence in Basel has grown steadily over the years, and is estimated as approximately 10% of the total Indian population of Switzerland (27,300*), making it one of the city's most substantial expatriate communities.


One of the key driving forces behind this growth is the city's thriving job market. Basel's position as a global hub for life sciences, pharmaceuticals, IT services, hospitality, and banking has attracted Indian professionals and entrepreneurs. Many skilled Indian expats have found exciting career opportunities in these sectors, leading to a steady influx of talent. This has benefited Basel and has been a bridge connecting the Swiss and Indian economies, elevating local enterprises and fostering cross-cultural work collaborations.

A diverse mix of age groups and backgrounds characterize the demographics of the Indian community in Basel. This includes students pursuing higher education, working professionals, families with children, and retirees. This demographic diversity contributes to the richness and vitality of the community, in turn contributing to the city's vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Enriching Swiss Culture

Beyond economics, the Indian diaspora has imprinted its mark on Swiss culture in Basel by actively participating in cultural, social, and educational activities, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit. The mesmerizing beats of Indian dance and music have found their place on local stages, echoing the traditions of a faraway land. The beauty of Indian artistry, in its myriad forms, has graced galleries and exhibitions, inviting the Swiss to embrace the world of Indian aesthetics.

Collaborations between Swiss and Indian artists, scientists, and thinkers have led to groundbreaking discoveries, enriching both nations' intellectual landscapes - there is a shared story of diversity and unity. The Indian diaspora's journey in this picturesque Swiss city reflects the beauty of global connections, where cultures merge and grow together.

Indian Values

There are 5 top themes where Indian values add a rich addition to the Swiss culture:

  • Warm Hospitality: Indians are renowned for their hospitality, making visitors feel at home wherever they go.

  • Cultural Diversity: The diverse cultural tapestry of India reflects an appreciation for inclusion and unity in diversity.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Indian minds thrive in creation, fostering collaborations that drive progress.

  • Respect For Tradition: The deep-rooted respect for traditions is a cherished quality admired across cultures.

  • Culinary Kaleidoscope: The delectable Indian cuisine has delighted Swiss palates with its explosion of flavors.

Top Picks in Basel

We've compiled a list of 'Top Picks' from our community to immerse oneself in India's colors, flavors, and rhythms within Basel. Whether you're an enthusiast seeking to master Indian culinary arts, a connoisseur of authentic Indian aesthetics, or simply someone eager to be part of the cultural offerings, these gems await your discovery.

Indian Culinary Offerings

Indian Groceries

Indian Dance Classes

  • Bharatnatyam:

Kalasri by Vidwan D. Keshava

Kavin Natyam by Uthra Sankaran

  • Kathak & Indian Folk Dances:

Mudra Art Academy by Nivedieta Joshii | Email

  • Bollywood:

Niddhi Koppole | +41 76 542 71 18

Workshops by The Dance Circle | Email

Indian Music Classes

Indian Clothes and Fashion

  • Basel Ravi Shop for ready-to-wear | Elisabethenanlage 9, 4051 Basel

  • Indian Custom Tailoring Services | VJ India @ +41 76 632 21 66

Indian Mehendi/ Henna

Indian Movies in Basel

To watch Indian movies in Basel, you can make requests to Arena Cinema. If there is a huge demand, films can be screened in their Stücki location. Another posibility is Kino Oris in Liestal. For any inquiries or wish lists, please message us on FB: Facebook, or Email.

Indian Social Worker

For issues regarding migration, or labour or to access a women's helpline you can contact Janani Sridharan (Email).

Upcoming Events

Fall 2023

We invite you to embark on a journey of cultural exploration that transcends borders. Each experience is a thread woven into the vibrant fabric of our community, contributing to the beautiful mosaic that is Indian culture in Basel.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Indian community in Basel, who contributed to this endeavor. Their voices have enriched this exploration, and their enthusiasm drives the unity and diversity defining our community.

Keep the cultural curiosity open and please reach out if you have any specific questions or feedback.



  • *Indian population in Switzerland

  • The top picks referred to in this article have been curated from a survey that had nearly 50 members from the Indian diaspora respond.

Amruta Iyer

Amruta's day job is that of a Change and Communications Manager, and her passion lies in enchanting narratives that are a fusion of captivating photography and exquisite prose. Beyond her visual storytelling prowess, Amruta is a skilled dancer, using movement as yet another canvas for her artistic expression. She moved to Basel in 2011 and loves to share Indian culture with her environment through food, dance, and cultural exchange while imbibing the Swissness that Basel offers.

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Oct 19, 2023

It was a very successful article, congratulations Mrs. Iyer. It is purely a guide. A wonderful map for someone who has just moved to Basel or for those who want to get to know the Indian culture. Thank you for your inspration.

Amruta Iyer
Amruta Iyer
Oct 19, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am very happy this article helps you explore the Indian cultural scene in Basel :)

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