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Cooking Classes in Basel

Looking to expand your repertoire in the kitchen? Basel offers a number of cooking courses in a range of different cuisines to help spice things up! Many are available in English but doing a cooking course in German is a great way to improve your language skills at the same time as your cooking skills.

A Bit of Everything

Migros Klubschule (Various Basel locations)

Migros Klubschule has a huge range of cooking courses that start with the basics and move to more complicated complicated things like bread baking and fine dining. They cover a wide variety of world cuisines and have options for healthy cooking and cocktail mixing as well. The instruction is done exclusively in German, but don't be too intimidated, as the visual demonstration makes it easy to follow along and will help you improve your vocabulary.

World Cuisine

Spice it Up (In Den Saalbünten 7, Aesch)

If you love Indian cuisine but are too intimidated to try it on your own, Sunrita Dutta from Spice it Up, is here to help. She offers a number of Indian cooking classes for all ages (including children's classes) and will will help you to explore the spices and techniques that make this cuisine so delicious. She also does corporate team building events and the classes can be done online or in person at her studio in Aesch. She will even help you arrange a 'Curry at Home Party' where she will come to your house to help you and your guests prepare a delicious home cooked Indian meal.

Kakyo's Kitchen (4104 Oberwil)

Kakyo Tajima is a certified 'Art Design Sushi' or 'Kazari Maki Sushi' instructor. She teaches a number of workshops, including the art of sushi and Japanese home cooking. Her workshops are small (max 4 people), but she also does corporate team building events which can accommodate more people. Online instruction and catering is also available.

Sound of Taste (Engelgasse 40 4052 Basel)

Sound of Taste (think Sound of Music but tastier) takes you on an exploration of Austrian cuisine with courses to make Knödels (sweet and savoury dumplings), Kaiserschmarrn (a decadent pancake) and Sachertorte (a rich chocolate cake), among other things. These courses are popular (especially for the Sachertorte) so make sure to book in advance.

Markthalle (Steinentorberg 20 4051 Basel)

Markthalle holds a number of events during the year, many of which are cooking courses inspired by the wide variety of food stalls at their venue. Check their event listings for more details.

Private Chefs

Baslerstoerkoch (Baslerstrasse 60, 4103 Bottmingen, other locations in Basel Land)

Take lessons from a trained chef in Bottmingen at Baslerstoerkoch. Courses are available in German in a number of styles including fine dining as well as children's cooking classes. Courses are held at their studio for 10 or more people, but you can also have a chef come and teach you privately in your own home. If you don't want to join in the preparation, the chef will simply make you a delicious meal of your choosing.

Your Private Chef (Sternengasse 19, 4051 Basel)

For group lessons (in German) that emphasize professional chef skills make sure to book a spot with Eugen Dickau of Your Private Chef. Courses for individuals are available at the Hawkers Street Food Market in Basel through their Eventfrog page, but bookings for private parties or corporate events are also available.

Live Cooking (Various Basel locations)

Chef Francesco Sebastio of Live Cooking offers classes in English, Italian and German. During his course you will learn to cook a three course meal while being introduced to some essential chef skills, including knife skills, hygiene and flavour paring techniques. At the end you also get a recipe book and a surprise gift. 6-12 participants are required and having the event at your home is also possible.

Large Scale Events

Cuisine Cartier (Burgunderstrasse 3, 4107 Ettingen)

Cuisine Cartier offers a wide range of cooking styles including various European and Asian styles as well cocktail workshops in both English and German. They can accommodate parties of up to 50 people (with aprons and hats available as swag) and thus are an excellent option for corporate team building. Online courses are also available if you prefer to be in your own home, but individuals wanting to participate must fill the quota of people required (minimum 10 people) to participate.

Healthy Living

Food Changes Everything (Rümelinspl. 16, 4001 Basel)

On top of yoga classes, Vanessa Gaitlein of Food Changes Everything also teaches healthy cooking. She takes a personalized approach and helps you to make easy nourishing meals that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Her approach is holistic and she will also look at other aspects of your life to develop a well rounded health plan.

If you are looking for a healthier approach and want to learn the fundamentals of vegan cuisine make sure to join a class with Rachel Lutz at Don't Waste Your Taste. Courses take place in your home or in a rented kitchen if you need to accommodate a larger group. The course content is very flexible and can be catered to your taste, but the focus is on health while not sacrificing taste.

For Kids & Families

In addition to their kids camps, and yoga instruction, Heartful Space also offers kids (and sometimes adult) cooking classes. Instruction is in English and German and includes fun things like cupcakes, pancakes and pop tarts.

A few other places that were previously mentioned also offer kids and family courses including Migros Klubschule, Baslerstoerkoch and Spice It Up.

I hope this inspires you to get out there and get cooking. Guten Appetit!

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