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Yoga Studios in Basel

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when you visit or move to a new city is grab your mat and check out the local studios. Whether it’s to shake off the jet lag, learn from local teachers, or simply feel the vibe and spirit of the local yogi community, there are many studios in Basel to choose from. So grab your mat and go explore, because I guarantee the community here is a loving one and you’ll have fun!

Finding Your Shala

Among these shalas I’m presenting (a shala being a Sanskrit word meaning 'house' or 'home'), you’ll find a brief summary of their class offerings and specialties. If you’re wondering how to pick a class, I’d suggest choosing your practice style, closest location, or simply checking them all out, you can't go wrong!

All of these studios offer classes in English and many can be can be booked online. All of them also have drop-in classes, with some even offering a free trial. A few also have classes available on donation and some even offer new members a generous discount on multiple day passes. How cool is that?

Top Picks

Here are my top recommendations, and what I particularly like from each one of them. Namaste!

Pfluggässlein 1, 4001 Basel

Yogabloom is the home of family yoga in Basel and is run by the sweetest family of true yogis Emily and Sandi. Their yoga offer includes: vinyasa, aerial, ashtanga inspired flow, jivamukti inspired flow, slow flow, yin yang, hatha vinyasa flow, and their signature kids yoga series for ages 6-10.

Hutgasse 1, 4001 Basel

Aeschengraben 29, 4051 Basel

With two locations in Basel, B. Yoga Basel has been run by yogini/artist Daniela since 2006. Their yoga offer includes: hatha, vinyasa, prenatal, cocktail yoga, vinyasa + yin, postnatal and baby yoga, ashtanga inspired, qigong-taichi, jivamukti, yin slow flow, and teen yoga.

Amerbachstrasse 66, 4057 Basel

Bikram Yoga in Basel is true to the authentic bikram practice which is traditinally done at 40 degrees celsius. So, bring your yoga towel, water bottle and prepare to cleanse as you practice. Each session is 90 minutes long and includes 26 poses with 2 breathing exercises, led by two wonderful instructors Antonio and Sonia. Drop in classes are available to try it out, but their 10 classes membership is a great deal!

Feldbergstrasse 1, 4057 Basel

The Looking Glass is the home to katonah yoga in Basel, which combines classical hatha yoga with Chinese tao theory. This is the studio that first I joined and taught at when I moved to Basel and their gorgeous terrace overlooking the Rhein will forever stay close to my heart. It’s led by the amazing Kristin and a fabulous crew of cool yogis. Their yoga offer includes: jivamukti, vinyasa, yin yoga, kundalini, katonah inspired, as well as meditation classes.

Falknerstrasse 35, 4001 Basel

This studio is run by Regula, and you can practice power yoga, flow motion, vinyasa, yin yoga, slow flow and even fascia pilates.

Greifengasse 7, 4058 Basel

Hanuman Yoga is a studio filled with warmth and joy right in the middle of the city. Co-owned by Kim and Anna, they offer a 6:45am sun salutations class, as well as hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga, slow flow, and even yoga and HIIT.

Aeschenvorstadt 57, 4051 Basel

Volta Yoga is a centrally located studio run by Nico and Anya offering vinyasa, hatha, yin yoga as well as yoga nidra and mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation.

Spalenvorstadt 11, 4051 Basel

Anjali Yoga is centrally located in the old part of town with a cute welcoming shop. It is run by Savina and offers vinyasa, power vinyasa yoga, slow flow, yin yoga and meditation, as well as core and flow.

Austrasse 112, 4051 Basel

Secret Garden is a cozy studio run by Nadine and Jeremiah, which is home to the best priced class in town! It offers aerial, gentle flow and sound healing, and vinyasa yoga flow.

Lindenberg 8, 4058 Basel

Meyo Hause is a healing space run by Luisa offering hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga and pilates.

Klosterberg 15, 4051 Basel

Tara Yoga is a healing space that favours ayurveda (a natural system of medicine, originated in India). It is run by Therese and offers vinyasa yoga in the morning, yoga flow in the evening, pregnancy and postnatal classes, yoga for the pelvic floor, tara hatha and hatha yoga flow.

Rütimeyerstrasse 40, 4054 Basel

Yoga Center Lotos offers classes as well as the option to rent a room. It is run by the yoga and health foundation and has a wide variety of offerings including: hatha yoga, yoga for pregnancy, yoga 60+, fascia yoga, kundalini, yin, yoga for back problems, as well as aerial yoga.

Goldbachweg 14, 4058 Basel

ErlenYoga is a small, modern studio run by Astrid offering vinyasa flow and yin yoga classes, with the option to rent the studio for a group of maximum 8. It is located right next to two hip cafés and a gorgeous park.

Petersgasse 32, 4051 Basel

Yoga Atelier Basel is an oasis of silence in the heart of Basel’s old town run by Orsina. It offers hatha yoga, yoga for back problems, pregnancy and post natal yoga, yoga after 60, as well as qigong.

Auf dem Wolf 18, 4052 Basel

Acro Yoga Unites is run by Mimi and Sam, and offers classes for beginners as well as intermediate aerial players. This is the place to go for partner yoga.

Rümelinspl. 16, 4001 Basel

Food Changes Everything takes a holistic approach combining nutrition counselling and yoga classes. Vanessa offers rest + reset and vinyasa classes as well as yoga for digestion and menopause.

Rufacherstrasse 79, 4055 Basel

At Yoga Meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel, Sudheesh takes a holistic approach with his yoga classes combining exercise, breathing, diet, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation. He has private and group classes as well as guided meditation and hypnosis.

Güterstrasse 302, 4053 Basel

Cristina is a yoga teacher and body therapist that specializes in somatic stress regulation. She works with clients to develop a tailored treatment using shiatsu, Thai massage, acupressure, breath work and yoga. She also offers open Kundalini yoga sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well workshop celebrating the summer and winter equinox and solstice (see website for details).


Yoga Shala is my home studio, where I offer private deep dive relaxation experiences that combine hatha yoga, foot reflexology and yoga nidra. As well as two group lessons per week to maximum 5 people per class. This is my sanctuary in Basel, and you’re invited to visit by prior reservation only. See you on the mat!

Andrea Cristancho

​Andrea is Personal Health Coach with a passion for supporting startup founders and teams optimise their health for ultimate success. She has a background in International Studies, Masters in International Business and is also a yoga teacher and certified integrative nutrition coach.

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