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Iselin & Gotthelf

Quieter residential districts bordered by two of Basel's most popular parks.  

Marble Surface

Iselin and Gotthelf are two neighbouring districts that are characterized by a mix of residential housing, neighborhood amenities and with some commercial development along the borders.  This area's housing has developed over time, including some larger settlements in the 1990s, with redevelopment still occurring today.  


Gotthelf, in particular, offers a more quiet residential feel with its western edge bordering Allschwil in Basel-LandSchaft.  Iselin offers a bit more of a retail mix along its main roads and connects to France and Allscwill along its north and west borders.  While the the two neighbourhoods offer a mostly residential experience they are bordered by two of Basel’s most popular parks - Schutzenmatt Park to the south and Kannenfeldpark to the north.  

Kultur Kaffi Bâle

The Kultur Kaffi Bâle is more than just a cafe.  Although it is a lovely spot for coffee and a tasty lunch, it is also a community hub that hosts number of performances and art exhibitions from local talent. They even make their own beer in partnership with Wirth & Sons Brewery.  


Photo: vegandesi.res

Kultur Kaffi Bâle

Blotzheimerstrasse 34, 4055 Basel

Kultur Kaffi
Iselin Restaurants
Fresh Homemade Pasta

Paste Ines

Paste Ines was founded in the 1970's and has since been taken over by Astrid and Dominic Lambelet.  They are now carrying on the tradition of making fresh homemade pasta with local ingredients, including their famous ravioli. Fresh or frozen pasta can be purchased for home preparation, along with a number of delectable treats (the oval shaped cookies are delicious!)

Paste Ines

Hegenheimerstrasse 128, 4055 Basel

Paste Ines
Iselin Shopping

Homeware Stores

Founded in 1930,  Justin Unternährer is a family-run business that specializes in household appliances, coffee machines and lighting. They even have a coffee bar where you can sample some of the machines.

Another source for serious coffee machines is the nearby Pro Kaffemaschinen Service Basel.  They have a good selection of high end machines and provide service to any make, model or brand.

Justin Unternährer Basel

Hegenheimerstrasse 97, 4055 Basel

Pro Kaffeemaschinen Service Basel

Hegenheimerstrasse 49, 4055 Basel

Justin Unternahrer

Odds & Ends 

Odds & Ends has an eclectic mix of home accessories, ceramics, jewelry, furniture and gifts with an impressive selection of paper napkins.

The store is lovely and you will most certainly come away with something you didn't even know you needed. 

Odds & Ends

Ahornstrasse 7, 4055 Basel

Odds & Ends
Beach Ball in Pool

Gartenbad Bachgraben

Gartenbad Bachgraben is an impressive swimming and sports complex that is perfect for a summer afternoon.  Complete with several spray features, a climbing wall in the pool and a huge slide, your kids won't want to leave until their eyes are red with chlorine. There is also a play structure, volleyball net and pingpong tables to keep them entertained. Visit the restaurant and kiosk on site for the usual fried fare, but you can also bring your own food.

Gartenbad Bachgraben

Belforterstrasse 135, 4055 Basel

Gartenbad Bachraben
Iselin things to do
Here to stay neighbourhood
Soccer Field

Sportplatz Buschweilerhof

Sportplatz Buschweilerhof is a public sports field that offers artificial turf fields, a pump track and restaurant.  In addition, it is home to the FC Black Stars, which is in the third tier of the Swiss football league system.

Sportplatz Buschweilerhof

Buschweilerweg 45, 4055 Basel

Sportplatz Buschweilerhof

GGG West Library

Allschwilerstrasse 90, 4055 Basel

GGG West library

GGG West Library offers a varied range of media including Basel's largest library selection of English books.  It is one of eleven GGG library branches located throughout the city.  It hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including children's story hours and English book sales. 

GGG West Library
Bike Path


The Verkehrsgarten is a wonderful resource for those who want to learn how to bike safely around Basel. It offers a mini driving course complete with roundabouts and traffic lights where skaters, scooters and bikers can become comfortable navigating city streets.  While the Cantonal Police hold bike safety courses there for all 4th and 5th graders the course is open to the public at other times of the week.


Wasgenring 158, 4055 Basel


Rollschuh-Sport Basel (RSB) is the a skating organization founded in 1939.  It offers skating lessons and participants can compete in national and international competitions.  Annually, RSB puts together a fairy tale performance on skates.  

Rollschuh-Sport Basel

Nidwaldnerstrasse 20, 4055 Basel

Rollschuh-sport basel

Rollschih-Sport Basel


Statistics (September 2021):

Average Annual Rent:  Real Advisor

Transport:  BVB 

Green Space:  Residential Area Indicators

Walkability:  Walk Score


For more statistical information on the neighborhood visit Basel Stadt’s Neighborhood Profiles. 

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