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A once tranquil field transformed by a train station into a bustling district.

Marble Surface

Gundeldingen, often referred to as Gundeli,  got its name from its former days as a large and tranquil field on which the district was built.  That all changed in the 1860s with the opening of the train station and from there on the field began its transformation into an urbanized landscape. 

Residential and business development progressed from the 1870s, filling up the area around the station and progressing east and west.  Today, the district has little public green space, but is bordered by the large Margarethenpark and more bucolic neighbourhood of Bruderholz.

While the train station serves as the hub of the district, Tellplatz  is another focal point with a number of restaurants, businesses and entertainment options radiating out from its center, including Gundeldinger Feld, a large multi use redevelopment project.  Gundeli is also home to Coop's Headquarters.  


Peng Dumplings

With an elegant atmosphere, Peng Dumplings is famous for its dumplings (of course), which are handmade with seasonal fresh produce and international flavours.  Be sure to try their lunch specials which include glass noodles and a small salad with your choice of meat or veggie dumplings.

Peng Dumplings

Zwingerstrasse 29, 4053 Basel


Photo: Peng Dumplings

PLATO_LOGO-01 copy.png


Plato serves delicious Greek cuisine with a passion for freshness and a creative flair.  You will find all your favourites here (all served with some excellent pita bread) as well as some tasty house specials like Bifteki, a ground meat patty stuffed with feta cheese and grilled to perfection. 


Bruderholzstrasse, Tellpl. 49, 4053 Basel


La Manufacture

If you are in the mood for a burger, you're in luck. La Manufacture has a wide selection of old favourites as well as a seasonal menu that has more unique options, including a wild boar burger in the autumn - yum! They emphasize local, sustainable and organic ingredients so you are sure to have a farm to table burger experience.

La Manufacture

Hochstrasse 56, 4053 Basel

Clarastrasse 13, 4058 Basel

Elisabethenstrasse 18, 4051 Basel


Photo: La Manufacture


Photo :


Vito is known for it's distinctive oval shaped pizzas which come with a variety of delicious toppings (vegan too!).  They have dine-in or take-out options as well as a 'Pizza Bike' - a super cool tricked-out cargo bike that includes a gas pizza oven and the ability to make 20 pizzas on the fly! It is a  really fun way to cater an event, though an outdoor or well-ventilated area is required.    


Güterstrasse 138, 4053 Basel

Klybeckstrasse 90, 4057 Basel

Aeschengraben 14, 4051 Basel



Spark seeks to give their guests an unforgettable experience with traditional Portuguese cuisine and fantastic wines in a modern and inviting setting.  They serve both lunch and dinner as well as 'petiscos' (tapas), perfect for after-work drinks where you can have a combination of small dishes, shared by the whole table.  They also have take away and catering available, as well as wine paring and tapas events.


Güterstrasse 166, 4053 Basel


Photos: Spark


Ristorante Valentino

Ristorante Valentino has a romantic and cozy ambiance and seasonally changing menu. The food is excellent and it prides itself on its classic Italian-style with a modern flare. Dishes like homemade lasagna and gnocchi, made with fresh, local ingredients will be sure to impress and you will quickly find it in your regular restaurant rotation.

Ristorante Valentino

Güterstrasse 183, 4053 Basel


Miake Izakaya

The newly renovated Miake Izakaya, serves a wide selection of dishes ideal for sharing in the style of the Japanese izakaya  or gastropub. Choose from their wide selection of traditional warm and cold dishes (to share), or for something a little more exciting try their shabu-shabu, a broth-style Japanese fondue prepared at your table.

Miake Izakaya

Sempacherstrasse 7, 4053 Basel






Mum's Kitchen

Mum's kitchen serves all your Vietnamese favourites, including Bun, Pho and everything in-between.  With daily changing specials, it is a great place to visit for a fresh, tasty and affordable lunch.  The evening menu has a larger selection and of course they have take-out if you prefer to eat at home.

Mum's Kitchen

Margarethenstrasse 45, 4053 Basel


Blindkuh Basel

The Blindkuh in Zurich opened its doors as the first 'dark restaurant' in 1999 and quickly caught on across the globe.  The Blindkuh Basel was opened in 2005 and is a truly unique dining experience.  Dining at the Blindkuh is said to be a treat for all your senses -  except for your eyes because you are eating completely in the dark (pitch dark). Specially trained servers that include blind, partially sighted and sighted employees, help guide you through your meal, which is a delightful, albeit, potentially messy affair, but don't worry that doesn't matter because no one can see you anyways.

The menu is small, but fresh and seasonal and their chefs will be sure to 'conjure up delicacies on your plate that don't need to be seen to be believed'.  They also host a large event space, which is also available 'in the light'.

Blind Kuh Basel

Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel


La Columbiana, Photo:


Café Spurlos, Photo


Da Graziella, Photo:


You will be spoiled for choice for coffee shops in Gundeli. For a cozy atmosphere with some excellent gluten-free chocolate cake, check out Café del Mundo.   Da Graziella has all your favourite Italian-style pasties, best enjoyed with an expresso-sized shot of pure caffeine. For more sweet selections (and the best Schoggiweggli in town) be sure to visit Confiserie Bachman, located conveniently next to the train station.


Café Bohemia is known for their superb homemade brunches and is a great stop on the weekend (or any other time). Café Spurlos, founded by Impact Hub Basel, has a great daily lunch selection of soup and quiche and a focus on zero waste -  so no take-out cups here. And if you are looking to enjoy freshly-roasted beans at home, La Columbiana roasts their own with beans from 11 different countries.

Cafe Del Mundo

Güterstrasse 158, 4053 Basel

Da Graziella

Dornacherstrasse 283, 4053 Basel

Feldbergstrasse 74, 4057 Basel

Confiserie Bachman

Centralbahnpl. 7, 4051 Basel

Café Bohemia

Dornacherstrasse 255, 4053 Basel

Café Spurlos

Münchensteinerstrasse 274a, 4053 Basel

La Columbiana Coffee Roasters

Güterstrasse 112, 4053 Basel


SBB & Area Restaurants

In addition to the ubiquitous fast food and take-away kiosks, there are also a couple of good restaurants near SBB.  Vegetarians can rejoice at the  entirely vegetarian (with vegan options) buffet, at Tibits just behind SBB.  Portions are paid by weight and take out options are available as well. 

If you are looking for another healthy option, Malibu Nation is known for their organic poke bowls and delicious healthy smoothies. Although mostly for take-out, there is also some limited seating.

For a more elegant dining experience, LORA is located in the newly-renovated French side of SBB.  Their pizzas and salads are great for a light lunch and they have an extensive drinks menu, perfect for an after-work tipple.


Meret Oppenheim-Strasse 1, 4053 Basel

Stänzlergasse 4, 4051 Basel

Malibu Nation

Centralbahnpl. 6, 4051 Basel

LORA Basel

Centralbahnstrasse 10, 4051 Basel


Tibits, Photo: trip


LORA Basel, Photo:


Bücher Brocki

Bücher-Brocky is Basel's largest second-hand bookshop and offers an impressive and eclectic collection of fiction and non-fiction titles.  In addition to a wide range of second-hand German books, Bücher-Brocky also has a good selection of English adult fiction and non-fiction as well as a smaller English children's section. You can also donate your old books there, so long as they are in good condition.

Bücher Brocki

Güterstrasse 137 4053 Basel




Music Stores

Musicians and DJ's this one is for you.  House of Sound has a huge location in Gundeli as well as a comprehensive online store.  Not only do they have a massive collection of instruments and equipment, they also have a knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you navigate.  You can also order online and test the equipment in their shop before you buy.  

For the vinyl fans out there, there is Schmocki's Ohrwurm Oase.  Browse their vast collection of over 13,000 LP's (as well as CD's DVD's and Blue Rays) and 'preach to the choir' on how much better the sound quality was back in the good ol' days before streaming.

House of Sound

Nauenstrasse 63, 4052 Basel

Schmocki's Ohrwurm Oase

Güterstrasse 265, 4053 Basel



Patchouli is a really lovely and one of the most unique boutiques in Basel.  With a wide range of eclectic and colourful clothing as well as homewares and gift items, you will find your self returning again and again to see what's new.  Emphasis is placed on fair-trade and ecological options, which help to lessen any shopping guilt you might have, especially when you walk out with a fabulous forest-themed adult onesie, that you didn't really need :)


Güterstrasse 141, 4053 Basel


Specialty Groceries

There are really an endless number of specialty groceries in Gundeli. For the ecologically minded there is L'Ultimo Bacio, which features a wide selection of organic specialty items as well as cheese, produce and baked goods from small, local providers.  At the Abfüllerei Basel you can find organic (mostly) and waste-free food, personal care and household products.  Simply bring your own containers (or purchase some containers in-store), note the weight of each container before filling and fill them up. They even have a service where you can drop of your containers with list and they will fill them for you.

For international groceries you are spoiled for choice.  RMC Paradise specializes in pan-Asian grocery items and incredibly fresh fish. BJ Textiles has a wide selection of Indian groceries and is the go-to place in Basel for saris and Indian-style fabric.


George the Greek packs an enormous punch into its small kiosk with some fantastic Greek cheeses, wines and of course olive oil. And Tienda Colombiana Popalito specializes in Colombian and South American goods.

For a lovely selection of tea and tea pots, be sure to visit Teegarten Miniatures.  And if you want to try your wares you can even sit down for a cuppa with one of their delicious daily pastries.


L'Ultimo Bacio


RMC Paradise


George the Greek


Abfüllerei Basel


Tienda Colombiana Popalito


Teegarten Miniatures

L'Ultimo Bacio

Güterstrasse 199, 4053 Basel

Abfüllerei Basel

Güterstrasse 169, 4053 Basel

RMC Paradise

Küchengasse 9, 4051 Basel

BJ Textiles

Elisabethenanlage 9, 4051 Basel

George the Greek

Münchensteinerstrasse 118, 4053 Basel

Tienda Colombiana Popalito

Gundeldingerstrasse 465, 4053 Basel

Teegarten Miniatures

Tellstrasse 3, 4053 Basel




Brocki Remar


Gundeli has a couple Basel's smaller Brockis, but each has some unique offerings.  Brocki Remar is one of three Remar brockis in Switzerland and all proceeds from the stores go towards social projects in Switzerland and beyond.  Looking to clean out your flat?  Remar has a pick-up service to take away your old furnishings - they even have a final cleaning service for when you move.

Rotkreuzladen Gundeldingen offers a variety of second-hand clothing as well as new items, and proceeds support the Red Cross working here in Basel.  This store is one of two in Basel and is complemented by an online store,  an online auction through and a children's sewing studio (located in Klybeck), where you can get children's clothing repaired or buy one of the studio's creations.

Rotkreuzladen Gundeldingen

Bruderholzstrasse 20, 4053 Basel

Brocki Remar

Bruderholzstrasse 14, 4053 Basel


Kletterhalle 7

For any climbing enthusiasts, Klettrhalle 7 has 120 different climbing routes as well as a bouldering area.  Basic training is required for the climbing walls and Kletthalle 7 offers a variety of courses for the beginner and up for both adults and children 8 years and older.  You can also schedule a group experience.  What's better for team building than having your boss belay you!   

Kletterhalle 7

Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel


Photo: Kletterhalle 7



Bowling Center Basel

With 20 'American style'l anes, Bowling Center Basel is one of Switzerland's largest bowling alleys.  Beyond bowling, it offers a restaurant, bar and a variety of games across its two floors.  The Center is available for birthday parties and group outings as well.  It's a fun night out - just make sure to make a reservation.

Bowling Center Basel

Güterstrasse 89, 4053 Basel


Salsa Flow Dance Company

Get your Latin dance on with Salsa Flow Dance Company.  Their lessons for all levels in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zumba will certainly improve your moves and you can impress your friends at one of their numerous events.


Photo: Salsa Flow

Salsa Flow

Elisabethenanlage 7, 4051 Basel


Adventure Rooms

Ready to get in on the Escape Room craze?  Check out Adventure Rooms Basel.  It offers two room adventures suitable for adults and children age 9 and older (an adult must accompany children).  Each room can accomodate up to 12 people.

Adventure Rooms

Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel



SBB is Europe's largest border train station, hosting both the Swiss railway company as well as the French railway SNCF.  The station was first opened in 1854 and rebuilt in the early 1900s in the neo-baroque style it reflects today.  It is considered a building of national significance and has unique architectural features and art such as the large murals depicting tourism scenes, which date from the 1920s.   More recently, SBB underwent a major renovation re-opening a large section of the train station in 2021.


Beyond its purpose as a transit hub, SBB hosts over 50 shops and services including a pharmacy and large Migros,  both of which are open seven days a week. Keep this in mind for Sunday shopping emergencies. SBB's website provides a list of all stores and services.  

Basel SBB

Centralbahnstrasse 10, 4051 Basel



Gempenstrasse 64, 4053 Basel


Hyve is a unique place in Basel offering not only co-working space and meeting rooms, but also a variety of movement classes and rooms to stay whether you prefer hotel accommodations or Swiss themed "capsule" rooms.  It even offers some co-living rooms and apartments for longer stays.  It's a pretty cool alternative to traditional accomodation options.

Locker Room

Store Box

Who knew there were storage units in Basel!  Turns out if you are looking to store your stuff you can head to Storebox Basel.  Storebox is part of a large European franchise and it offers units from small (up to 3 sq. m), medium (3 to 6 sq. m) and large (6 sq. m and up).

Store Box

Pfeffingerstrasse 94, 4053 Basel



Gundeli has several gym options for its residents.  Fitness Plus Basel is a full service club including classes, sauna and childcare. Update Fitness has less frills, but offers courses as well and has a few locations in the area. Evo Fitness Club is a smaller, 'boutique' gym with a focus on natural movement.  And for those looking to try something a little different there is Pole Arts Basel.  There you can sign up as a beginner for a trial course and from there develop your skills.  Soon to be an Olympic Sport (in 2024) pole dancing requires amazing flexibility and strength.

Fitness Plus Basel

Dornacherstrasse 210, 4053 Basel

Evo Fitness Club

Güterstrasse 144, 4053 Basel

Update Fitness Basel

Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel

Pole Arts Basel

Gundeldingerstrasse 313, 4053 Basel





mention Pole Arts Basel 


Migros Klubschule

Jurastrasse 4, 4053 Basel

Migros Klubschule 

Migros Klubschule is the largest adult education institution in Switzerland.  Its Basel-Gundelitor center offers over a 600 courses on topics ranging from computer skills, language learning, art, business and much more including in-person and online options.


Bibliotek Gundeldingen

Bibliotek Gundeldingen is one of GGG's libraries located across Basel.  Located in the Casino building in Tellplatz, the library features a large travel books section and has some English books as well.  For more information on Basel Libraries make sure to read our article, entitled 'Basel Libraries Rock!'

Bibliotek Gundeldingen

Güterstrasse 211, 4053 Basel