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Top Ten Outdoor Drinks Spots in Basel

Summer is finally here and what better way to enjoy it than to have a refreshing drink in the fresh air at one of Basel’s wonderful bars. This article will take you through my top ten picks for bars in Basel to enjoy a drink outside (in no particular order). Included in my list are a mix of urban summer bars, rooftop bars or other idyllic, unique or cosy spots in Basel.


Sandoase Beachbar (Westquaistrasse 75, 4057 Basel)

Photo: Sandoase

Located at the tri-regio border in Basel’s Kleinhüningen quartier, this gem of a bar transforms its terrace every summer into a tropical beach landscape complete with palm trees and sand. It also has a beautiful panoramic harbour-side view. I got my first taste of this place back in 2018, and fell in love with the beachy summer holiday vibe. It continues to be a firm summer favourite.

Drinks: 4/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  4/5

Les Trois Rois Bar (Blumenrain 8, 4001 Basel)

Photo: Les Trois Rois

In the heart of Basel at Schifflände is Les Trois Rois Hotel Bar, which is one of my favourites all year, but especially in summer. Whenever there is a special occasion to celebrate or a guest is visiting, this is my top pick. While the bar inside the hotel is beautiful, the crowning jewel is its balcony area, which has a fantastic Rhine view and is a great place to have a fancy summer tipple.

Drinks: 5/5, Ambiance: 5/5, View:  5/5


Rhystärn  (departing from Schifflände, 4051 Basel)

Enjoying a cruise on the Rhine is where it’s at! Bask in the sun on the deck with a lovely riverside breeze, all while enjoying some fantastic views. Last summer I went on my first evening cruise on the Rhystärn and what a fantastic experience it was. Watching the sun set on the deck with a refreshing drink and then enjoying the city lights, all while sailing up and down the Rhine on a CHF 12 ticket for the whole evening! Highly recommended.

Drinks: 4/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  5/5

Noohn (Henric Petri-Strasse 12, 4051 Basel)


Located right by Basel’s iconic St Elisabethen church, Noohn’s rooftop bar remains my top rooftop pick over a decade on since first discovering it. Enjoy some lovely views accompanied by some delicious sushi, right in the middle of the city.

Drinks: 4/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  4/5

Volkshaus Bar (Rebgasse 12-14, 4058 Basel)

Just off Claraplatz, without a doubt one of my favourite outdoor locations in Basel, is the Volkshaus courtyard. A unique location, it is cosy and very atmospheric, especially once the fairy lights come on after sundown.

Drinks: 5/5, Ambiance:  5/5, View:  3/5

S'Fähribödeli (under the Münster Pfalz)


This summer bar is the insider tip for a cosy, relaxing place where you can just sit back, unwind and enjoy a great homemade drink with a fantastic view of the Rhine. Located on the Grossbasel side of the Rhine, at the ferry terminal under the Münster Pfalz (observation deck), you will only share your space with a few other guests.

Drinks: 5/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  5/5

Le Rhin Bleu (St. Alban-Rheinweg 195, 4052 Basel)

Photo: Le Rhin Bleu

This is another of my summer season favourites, located on the banks of the Rhine in Basel’s Breite quartier. I love to come here with friends for a chilled summer afternoon or early evening drink while enjoying the idyllic view of the Rhine towards the city centre.

Drinks: 4/5, Ambiance:  3/5, View:  4/5


Zum Kuss (Elisabethenstrasse 59, 4051 Basel)

Photo: Zum Kuss

Just across from Basel’s main train station in Elisabethenpark, this little gem is not to be missed. With its fab location, great drinks and chilled vibe, Zum Kuss is popular and rightly so. Open all year round, the arrival of their handcrafted deckchairs on the outdoor terrace signals the start of their summer season. I have spent many a summer afternoon or evening chilling out in a deckchair enjoying a refreshing drink here. One of my favourite bars in Basel.

Drinks: 5/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  3/5

Viertel Dach (Münchensteinerstrasse 81, 4052 Basel)

Photo: Basel Live

Another seasonal bar located just outside of Basel city centre (close to MParc) is Viertel Dach. This cool urban space sits above the Basel rooftops, has a great summer oasis vibe and refreshing drinks with the bonus of a fantastic cultural programme in various genres (concerts, comedy, poetry slams, dance events, and more).

Drinks: 4/5, Ambiance:  4/5, View:  3/5


Waldhaus Beider Basel (In der Hard, 4132 Birsfelden)

Photo: Waldhaus Beider Basel

While the Rhine-side summer buvettes in the centre of Basel are fantastic, this buvette at the traditional Waldhaus Beider Basel boutique hotel in Birsfelden is something special. Set in the middle of the forest with an unrivalled view of the Rhine and chilled atmosphere, this is the place to go to change up your summer buvette routine. The Waldhaus restaurant also has a lovely big summer terrace.

Drinks: 3/5, Ambiance:  5/5, View:  5/5

Time to enjoy the summer! I hope this list inspires you to find your new favourite spot for an outdoor drink in Basel. Zum Wohl!

Alison Waterfield

Alison Waterfield is a Brit who has been in the Basel area for over a decade. She currently resides in Oberwil, where she enjoys having countryside on her doorstep as well as town being only a short tram ride away. She loves cooking, baking and anything food-related and is a beginner food stylist and photographer. She enjoys being in nature and relaxing doing anything wellness-related, as well as engaging in creative activities such as abstract and fluid art and crochet.

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