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Hiking Restaurants in the Basel Area

Looking for nearby, easy hiking ideas? Consider trying the Swiss tradition of Ausflug (day trip) restaurants. These little restaurants are usually reached by an easy walking or hiking path. Most are family-friendly, and some feature playgrounds or farm animals to keep even the youngest hikers entertained. And best of all, there’s no need to haul around a heavy backpack full of your lunch and snacks.

Getting Started

You can find a list of the many nearby Ausflug restaurants here, on Baselland’s tourism page. Some are surprisingly close, but others require a bit of footwork to reach. Here’s everything you need to know about planning your visit.

Planning Your Route

Each restaurant on the Baselland page lists its address and has a route planning (Routenplanung) feature that automatically connects you to Google Maps. This can be somewhat helpful to get a general idea of where the restaurant is. However, Google maps doesn’t usually plan your route along hiking trails. So it’s best to use an official Swiss hiking map website or App when planning a hike. Let’s take a closer look at how to use these.

Finding Your Hiking Trail

The easiest way to find your hiking trail is with the Swisstopo app. You can download it for free in the App Store. It’s available in English and shows all the official hiking and cycling trails in Switzerland. You can find a good video tutorial on how to use it here (in German).

To find the start of your hiking trail, search for the restaurant name or address in the App. The hiking path that goes to your restaurant will be highlighted in yellow. Simply follow the path to see where it connects to the nearest village - that’s your trailhead. There may be more than one option to begin your hike for some locations.

Determining the Length and Difficulty

Wondering how long or difficult your hike is? Once you’ve found your trailhead in the Swisstopo App, you can use the “Tour” function to automatically calculate the distance, elevation, and estimated walking time between the restaurant and your starting point.

In Switzerland, the color used to mark trails can also provide some clues about how difficult your hike will be. This article can help you decipher the code: How To Read Swiss Trail Markers. You’ll notice that all the trails to Ausflug restaurants in Baselland are highlighted in yellow. Yellow trails are considered the easiest type of hiking trails. These are generally clear, wide paths that don’t require any special training or equipment.

Getting There

By car: If you want to begin and end your hike at a restaurant, some are reachable directly by car. Check to see that your restaurant lists a Parkplatz (parking space) on the Baselland website. Many villages also have parking spaces near trailheads.

By public transit: You can turn on markers for public transit stops in the Swisstopo App or hiking map website. It makes it easy to see where your hiking trail connects to train, tram, or bus stops. Most Ausflug restaurants have a trailhead that begins near a public transit stop.

Helpful Tips

  • Always check the general information section listed for your restaurant on the Baselland website. Some may be closed seasonally or are cash only.

  • Be aware that these are often small restaurants with limited menus. They may not have options available for certain food restrictions or allergies.

  • Yellow hiking trails may still not be suitable for all users. Many feature stairs or steep hills. They are often not stroller friendly or wheelchair accessible.

  • The Swisstopo App lists elevation in meters. Every 10 meters listed for your trail is about the equivalent of a flight of stairs.

Favorite hikes

Not sure where to start? Here are some great options to try first.

  • 1.5 km, 40 minutes

  • Begin your hike from the village of Hofstetten-Flüh

  • Hike up the beautiful Chalegraben gorge trail.

  • This is a steep hike that features lots of waterfalls and a playground at the top.

  • Be sure to reserve your table ahead of time online.

  • 2.2 km, 50 minutes

  • Begin your hike from the trailhead at Buuseregg.

  • Combine it with a short detour to see the Farnburg Castle ruins along the way.

  • This hike features wide, easy paths. The restaurant has farm animals and small playground.

  • The restaurant can also be reached directly by car.


Region Wasserfallen, Reigoldswil

Tegan Smedley

Tegan is a pharmacist and medical writer. She is passionate about communicating information in a fun and informative way. Exploring the abundant nature near Basel has made her feel more at home since moving here in 2022. You can often find her on a hiking or cycling trail with her family in tow.

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