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Kid's Camps in Basel

Updated: 7 days ago

Summer is coming and it’s time to answer that age-old question: What are we going to do with the kids? Apart from the usual summer fun, Basel has a wide variety of day-camps to suit almost any interest. If you are looking for English-speaking camps there are many options, but this is also an excellent opportunity for your kids to get some practice in German.

This article outlines some of the highlights. For a more comprehensive listing please see this link from our partners at Basel Life (also copied at the end of this article). Please note that many of these camps run not only during summer vacation but school holidays as well. Often times you do not need to book a full week and can choose single days. Please check the websites for scheduling details.


Paint it Easy (Wallstrasse 14, 4051 Basel)

Paint It Easy has partnered with Yogabloom to produce a fun and flexible camp for kids aged 6-12. Each day starts with yoga in the morning and then continues with art lessons in several different mediums. There is also lots of outdoor time well as outings to local museums and galleries. Camps are both half and full day and include lunch and snacks. They even have a sibling discount if you want to register more than one child.

Tech and Parkour

Tech Labs (Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel)

Tech Labs combines coding with hands-on play with their half and full day camps for kids ages 6+. There are many options to choose from that introduce your child to STEAM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Mornings are devoted to hands-on coding and afternoons to outdoor play, with some camps spending the afternoon at Overground Basel (right next door) burning off some energy and with parkour, chase tag, trampolines and much more!

Overground Basel (Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel)

Overgound Basel offers a KidsVenture (Camp) which promises to be an unforgettable sports adventure for children between the ages of 5 and 15. The camp includes a good mix of sport, training, games and fun. Kids have the opportunity to decide for themselves how active, playful or creative the camp should be. Weekly programs include activities like parkour and trampoline as well as adventure and storytelling games, creative activities and outdoor excursions.


Braswell Center (Aeschenvorstadt 52, 4051 Basel)

The Braswell Center has an exciting kid’s camp for children ages 6 and up. This camp combines dance, art, music, performance and daily outings. Children learn how to move their body with the help of professional dance techniques. They are also encouraged to explore art and music and show off their hard work with a daily mini exhibition/performance. There are half and full day options in English, German and French with lunch and snacks provided.

BMX and Skateboard

Trend Sport Basel (Uferstrasse 80, 4057 Basel)

If your kids are interested in BMX, scootering or skateboarding, make sure to sign them up for Trend Sport Basel's summer camp. These camps are in German and held only a couple weeks during the summer so be sure to check their site for details. If you don’t have your own equipment, rentals are available, but each camper needs their own helmet and safety guards. Food is included as well as local excursions (including water play).

Cooking and Forest

Heartful Space (Oetlingerstrasse 192, 4057 Basel)

Heartful Space offers a couple of camp sessions during the summer and school holidays (check their website for availability) that combine cooking and baking with forest excursions to nearby Lange Erlen. These camps are better suited for younger children (ages 4-10) but are a great way to introduce them to cooking.


Bartlome Soccer Academy (Schützenmatte Park and other locations)

BSA offers half and full day camps for soccer/football enthusiasts (ages 5-15), which emphasize footwork and teamwork. Full day camps include a hot lunch (BYO snack) and if you book more than 3 days, they will also throw in a team T-shirt.

Sports & Yoga

Kinder Basel Multi-Sport Camps (VITIS Sportcenter, Hegenheimermattweg 121, 4123 Allschwil)

Kinder Basel introduces your kids (ages 5-13) to over 20 different sports including racket sports, football, basketball, parkour and many others. Camps are in English and German and include lunch (with great chocolate cake, according to my kids). Camps occur throughout the year during school holidays (including Christmas break) as well as summer.

Kinder Camps (Various locations in Basel and Binningen)

Kinder camps have multi-sport and football camps in German for kids ages 6-13. Each camp week has a different itinerary which they email to you upon registration. They provide lunch, but you must bring your own snacks. Make sure to check their schedule for details as camps are not offered for every week of the summer.

Yogabloom (Pfluggässlein 1, 4001, Basel)

Yogabloom offers half day camps in the morning for kids ages 6-12. It is a fun-filled practice where kids learn skills for life such as compassion, kindness and teamwork. Arial yoga is also available for kids aged 8-12 where they can 'hang out' and discover some creative yoga postures. A mid-morning snack is provided, but camps only happen on select weeks during the summer, check their website for more details.

General Day Camps

Family Care Basel (Kita Familycare Westfeld, Im Westfeld 30, 4055 Basel)

Family Care Basel offers camps for kids (aged 4-11) with painting, handicrafts and outdoor play as well as excursions to theater, museums and attractions of all kinds. Lunch and snacks are included, and they offer camps for school and summer holidays. Single days cannot be booked, and you must commit to a full week.

ELA/The Swiss British School of Basel (Gartenstrasse 93, 4052 Basel)

ELA has day camps during school and summer holidays that are open to children (ages 4 - 12), even if they are not part of the school. Themes include sports, arts and crafts, tech and German and city excursions are also planned throughout the week. Snacks and lunch are included and you must register for a whole week (no single days allowed).

Basel Land International School (various locations in Oberwil)

BLIS is a bilingual international school in Oberwil that has several different camp options in English and German including sports camps (soccer, dodgeball and basketball) as well as other camps with themes such as music, cooking or scouting. Camps occur year-round during school and summer holidays. Lunch and snacks are optional (you are welcome to pack your own).

French Language

Les Coquelicots (Peter Merian Strasse 47, 4052 Basel)

Take advantage of the fact that you live in a multi-lingual city and immerse your kids in a local French speaking camp. At Les Coquelicots (a French speaking primary school) kids (ages 2.5-9) are inspired to try a wide range of activities including crafts, sport, nature, music, culinary arts and more, all in a multi-lingual environment. Camps occur throughout the year during school holidays and the summer and are centred on different themes. You can sign up for individual days or a full week and a morning snack, lunch and themed excursions are included.

I hope this list ensures some summer fun for your kids as well as some parental sanity!

If you have a great camp that you would like to share, please get in touch with us here.

Comprehensive Camp Listing from Basel Life

Camps in Basel March 2023
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