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Kid's Birthday Parties in Basel: Indoor

Completing our series on Kid’s birthday parties, this article has numerous birthday party suggestions for indoor venues. From play centres to cooking to sports, there is an option for every kid. Make sure to check out the other article in this series: Kid’s Birthday Parties in Basel: Outdoor for even more party ideas.

Big Play Centres

These venues are a sure-fire way for your kids to burn off some steam. Most allow you to bring your own food and the party is relatively easy to plan and execute. Just make sure to bring some ear plugs for the adults.

Swiss Mega Park (Bächliackerstrasse 8, 4402 Frenkendorf)

Located just outside the city in Frenkendorf, Swiss Mega Park is the go-to fun park and sports centre in this area. This place is huge and includes an indoor climbing park, a football field, a mini-golf course, trampolines and more. Birthday parties are booked based on the activities you want to do (prices starting at CHF 12 per child), and you can book party rooms as well for a fee. You are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks.

Impulsiv Kinderland (Baslerstrasse 45, 79576 Weil am Rhein)

Just over the border in Weil am Rhein, is Impulsiv Kinderland, a very popular play center in the area. They have several birthday party options starting at €12 per child. With tons of play equipment, including a volcano slide, your kids will be sure to be entertained. There are also party rooms, with chips and chicken nuggets included in the various packages. You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake.

Okidoki Kinderland (Küpferstr. 3, 79540 Lörrach)

Okidoki Kinderland is just over the border in Lörrach and has a wide selection of climbing structures, ball pits, rides etc. In the summer they even have paddle boats and a waterslide. They have numerous birthday party options that are best suited for children 5 and older. Plans include entry for up to 4 adults and if you book well enough ahead there are also rooms set up for eating. You can bring your own food, including birthday cake, but there are also items such as hotdogs and chicken nuggets available for purchase.

Smaller Play Centres

If you are looking for something a bit more low-key, there are several smaller venues available around Basel. These tend to be better suited to smaller children (up to 10 years) and are very popular, so it is best to book well in advance.

Magical Café (Max Kämpf Platz 2 - 4058 Basel)

Magical Café is a lovely little bakery in Erlenmatt that does over 30 different themes for birthday parties. Their playroom is best suited for small children, but the cakes are extravagant and delicious. If you are looking for a fabulous cake to have for a home party, catering is also available.

Dreirosen Freizeithalle (Unterer Rheinweg 168, 4057 Basel)

Dreirosen Freizeithalle is a community center with a large gymnastic room complete with trampolines and a climbing area. They also have foosball, air hockey and table tennis. Prices start at CHF 200 for up to 20 children and you must bring all the food yourself. Birthday party packages are available, but be sure to book well in advance as it is often very busy.

Robi Spielestrich Kaserne (Kasernenhof 10 4058 Basel)

You can rent the play space at Spielestrich Kaserne on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for CHF 30 per child and let your kids run wild with the various gymnastic equipment available in this cool attic space.

Robi-Spielplatz Spielfeld (Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel)

Another location in the Robi-Spiel network, Robi-Spielplatz Spielfeld has some impressive gymnastic equipment and climbing towers that can rented out for birthday parties. For more information and pricing email them directly.

Basler Kindernäscht (Gerbergasse 14, 4051 Basel)

Centrally located, Kindernäscht provides a child friendly venue with toys for up to 20 children, starting at CHF 250. This venue is best suited for small children, and they can also provide a caregiver to help you entertain the children for a fee.


For the creative kids out there, there are some fun choices for painting and pottery. The benefit of this option is that the kids can bring their work home at the end, which is a great substitute for a loot bag.

Paint It Easy (Wallstrasse 14, 4051 Basel)

The Paint It Easy art studio has some great birthday party options starting at CHF 35 per child. They provide all the materials and instruction and even have relationships with local caterers to provide the food. Theme options are endless, and they will tailor the content to your child’s taste. They even have the option to have the event off-site if you prefer another location.

Ceramico (Spalenring 103, 4055 Basel)

Starting from CHF 26 per child (plus service fees), Ceramico offers a few birthday party options for ages 6 and up. Children decorate plates, cereal bowls or cups, which are then fired, and you pick them up in 3-5 days. You are welcome to bring your own food, and they will clean up afterwards for a fee.

Cooking & Baking

For the little chefs there are some great cooking options. All of them are pretty sweet so keep that in mind when you are planning other treats such as a birthday cake.

Beschle (Clarastrasse 4, 4058 Basel)

While Beschle doesn’t have dedicated birthday parties as such, they do have Kid’s Workshops, where for CHF 45 per child (minimum 10 children) kids can learn the process of chocolate-making and make their own chocolate bars.

Sutter Begg (Frankfurt Str. 80, 4142 Münchenstein)

Sutter Begg in Münchenstein has several different kid’s birthday options including baking and chocolate making for kids aged 5-11. Prices start at CHF 460 for 8 kids and bookings are only available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


These are great options for older kids (as well as young) and will ensure that everyone has fun and goes home tired.

Jump Factory Basel (Tramstrasse 66 Halle #29, Gate D, 4142 Münchenstein)

For those kids with excess energy, Jump Factory in Münchenstein is the perfect solution. Starting at CHF 135 for 6 kids, the birthday party packages include 2hrs jumping time as well as a decorated table. You can bring your own snacks in addition to birthday cake, but you must buy drinks from their bar. Snacks for purchase are also available.

TSB Sportpark (Holzmattenweg 13, 79576 Weil am Rhein)

Just over the border in Weil am Rhein, TSB Sportpark has equipment and courts for tennis, basketball, squash and hockey. Their birthday party options start at €16 per child and can also include a trainer to teach the kids for an extra fee. You are also allowed to bring your own birthday cake.

Overground Basel (Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 Basel)

For kids that are a bit older (8 and up) Overground Basel in St. Johann, is a fantastic indoor parkour course that has birthday party packages starting at CHF 300 for up to 10 kids. All packages include instruction from a trainer and a reserved table for cake (which you bring yourself).

ELYS Boulderloft (Elsässerstrasse 215a, 4056 Basel)

If your kids are into bouldering (climbing) ELYS Boulderloft (also in the same area) has birthday party options for kids aged 5 and up starting at CHF 150. This includes instruction and a trainer as well as a birthday party room to enjoy your own cake (drinks must be purchased from their bar).

Intersoccer (various locations around Basel)

For a football inclined child Intersoccer has birthday party packages starting at CHF 360. Parties include a trainer, and you can bring your own food. Indoor and outdoor facilities are available so parties can be planned year-round.


Bowling by Arena (Hochbergerstrasse 70, 4057 Basel)

Newly built, Bowling by Arena at Stücki Park is a really nice facility. They don’t have birthday party packages, but the lanes are easily rented (maximum 6 people per lane, CHF 39 per lane per hour) and you can email them to arrange other things such as food and drinks. There is even a small arcade in the same area so make sure you are prepared to depart with your loose change.

Music & Theater

For the musical or theatrical kid there are a couple of German speaking options.

Theater Arlecchino (Walkeweg 122, 4052 Basel)

If your child loves theater you can arrange for them to see a performance at the Theater Arlecchino, The birthday package starts at CHF 17 per child and the birthday child will be presented with a special gift on stage after the performance. You are then welcome to celebrate with snacks and drinks. You may bring your own birthday cake, but they also have cakes available for purchase.

Percussion Arts Center (Dornacherstrasse 210, 4053 Basel)

For a musical-themed party be sure to check out Percussion Arts Center. With their birthday party package your kids are introduced to a number of different percussion instruments followed by a recording session and Kinderdisko. Prices start at CHF 320 for a 3-hour party that can accommodate 15 children (ages 6 and up). You must bring your own food and cake.

Escape Rooms

Better suited for older children and teenagers, these can be a fun option that promotes cooperation and problem solving.

Breakout Basel (Nauenstrasse 67, 4052 Basel)

Breakout Basel has several birthday party options starting at CHF 200. Scavenger hunts are available for children 8 and up with an escape room scenario for children 12 and up. Snacks, drinks and even birthday cakes are available on site.

Adventure Rooms Basel (Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel)

Although there are no specific birthday packages, you can easily book one of their escape room challenges for children 9 and up. The parties must be small and must have one accompanying adult (6 people max) and only last one hour. Prices start at CHF 32 per person.

One Hour Escape (Frobenstrasse 27, 4053 Basel)

Another escape room option, One Hour Escape provides birthday parties for children 8 and up. You can even give them a present for the birthday child, which they will hide as part of the experience. Starting at CHF 113 for 2-7 children.

Cinema and VR

Another great option for older children. Kids can explore the world of virtual reality or show off their gaming skills on the big screen.

Pathé Küchlin (Steinenvorstadt 55, 4051 Basel)

At Pathé Küchlin you can rent out an entire cinema for your kids to either watch a movie of their choice or play video games on the big screen. They have several different video game consuls available, but you must bring your own games. Suitable for children up to age 14, prices start at CHF 299 for 2hrs.

VR City (Hochbergerstrasse 70, 4057 Basel)

VR City has a range of options for birthday parties including escape room scenarios, a roaming adventure, and a cube. Prices start at CHF 30 per person and snacks and drinks are available at their facility. You can also bring a birthday cake. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Virtual Reality Center Basel (Lehenmattstrasse 353, 4052 Basel)

Virtual Reality Center Basel in Breite also does birthday parties. Prices vary by experience, but generally cost around CHF 48 per person.


Although there are a lot of museums in Basel, there are few that offer dedicated birthday party options. There are often tours available for children in museums that are not listed here, so feel free to inquire on your own if there is one of particular interest.

Natural History Museum (Augustinergasse 2, 4051 Basel)

If your child is German speaking and interested in animals, the Natural History Museum is a great idea. They do themed tours for birthdays on dinosaurs and other animals for up to 12 children for CHF 350. You can bring your own food but for safety reasons, birthday candles are not allowed.

Party Planners and Entertainment

If you would prefer to have your birthday party at home but want to outsource some of the work, there are several entertainers and party planners available.

Wow Tipi specializes in sleepover parties. With several different themes, they bring everything anyone could need for a sleepover party including little wooden teepees. Prices start at CHF 420 for three people, but the set-up is impressive and something your kids won’t soon forget.

Bazinga Parties (Hochbergerstrasse, 4057 Basel)

Bazinga Parties specializes in entertainment and has some fantastic birthday party options, including face painting, balloon animals, magic shows and slime making. Prices start at CHF 195.

Who doesn’t love a magic show? Daniel Kalman is a professional magician that also does birthday parties. Suitable for children 4 and up and starting at CHF 390 for a 45-minute show that includes balloon animals.

Zoca Events (Eichhornstrasse 15, 4059 Basel)

If you want to go all out and hire a party planner, Zoca Events is the way to go. They will personalize every detail and provide everything from catering to decorations to entertainment. Quotes are only available once you discuss your plans.

I hope this listing helps to answer the eternal parental question of what to do for your child’s birthday. If you have any other recommendations, please leave us a note in the comments.

Happy Birthday!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

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