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Forest Bathing in Basel

Updated: Jun 27

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and urban environments, forest bathing offers an escape that can make you healthier and happier. There are numerous locations to enjoy this practice in Basel and this growing trend offers endless mental and physical health benefits.

Basel's Green Spaces

Forest bathing provides a much-needed remedy to the stress of modern life. It invites us to slow down, take a breath and enjoy a moment of joy. It is possible to find this in an urban environment as well. Basel for example has numerous parks and surrounding forests, as well as public gardens like Merian Gärten, Grün 80 or Wenkenhof, which are the perfect backdrop for forest bathing. Embracing what nature offers to us in every moment, even while walking through the city, can lead to a more fulfilling life, reconnecting us with the calm and vitality that we have long forgotten.

Origins of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, or shinrin yoku, originated in Japan in the 1980s. With scientific methods developed by the Japanese government and scientists, this practice aimed to counteract the negative impacts of urbanization, such as stress and overwork. Research highlighted the profound effects that natural environments have on the human body and mind, such as strengthened immune system, lower blood pressure, increased sleep quality and reduced stress levels. Today, the practice is globally recognized for its ability to enhance well-being, supported by a wealth of scientific studies and positive feedback from participants all around the world.

A Forest Bathing Walk

A forest bathing walk involves more than just a stroll through the woods. It is a slow immersion into the natural environment, focusing on sensory experiences rather than physical exercises. Participants are encouraged to engage with their surroundings through sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste. This heightened sensory discovery promotes present-moment awareness, slow existence that balances the business of everyday life.

A forest bathing guide leads participants through a series of gentle practices that facilitate deeper connections with their surroundings. The guide's role is to help individuals tune into the natural rhythms around them and to hold space for companionship, cultivating a sense of calm and peace.

The Therapeutic Power of Nature

This practice differs from traditional therapy and offers a unique experience where healing happens organically. Nature's wisdom and energy are absorbed through a process of simply being in the environment, leading to spontaneous and sometimes unnoticed physical and mental healing. Other benefits include: enhanced immune and nervous system function, better working organs and circulation, improved sleeping habits and reduced stress levels, which help to overcome the overstimulated and overworked routine of daily life.

By experiencing our environment through our body, we become more attuned to our own needs and those of others, leading to finer relationships and a greater sense of well-being. We are inspired to nurture ourselves and our connections with others, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Beyond benefits harnessed from the healing properties of nature, forest bathing reminds us of our roots in the natural world. This connection has been shown to support deep relaxation, boost creativity and enhance clarity. Over time, regular forest bathing can deepen this connection, amplifying the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits.

Accessible Relaxation and Healing

Forest bathing is accessible to everyone. It does not require rigorous physical activity; even a gentle walk or sitting quietly in a natural setting can be effective. This makes it an inclusive practice, adaptable to different physical abilities and environments. Each forest bathing session is unique, shaped by the environment and the individual’s interaction with it. This personal engagement with nature allows for a different experience each time, making every session a new journey of discovery.

Beáta Szablics

Beàta is a certified forest and nature therapy guide, relaxation teacher and mental health first aider who advocates for nature-based health practices. Her programs aim to help individuals find calm amidst their busy lives and her work has evolved based on her own experiences of stressful international business career. She primarily works with individuals and groups looking for relaxation, in the amazing forests and parks in Basel and Basel Land. She also enjoys reading, thriller movies, hiking and a good meal with nice people around.

Your Nature Anew

Download Beàta's free guide 5 Days + 5 Minutes + 5 Practices to explore easy and practical ways to bring more calm and focus to your life.





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