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Introducing: Basel Life

YBI Basel is pleased to partner with Basel Life. Read all about their evolution in this article by one of their founders, Christine Pesold.


When my family first arrived in Basel, with no German to speak of, I would spend my

days exploring the streets of this beautiful city with my toddler in hand and my

baby in a stroller. I consistently would come across workers, busily taking down what

looked like the infrastructure to a fun family event—a fair, circus, market—and

perpetually felt frustrated that I was only learning about happenings as they were

being dismantled.

At the time, there was no resource that helped to connect the English-speaking

community of Basel with the city’s generous offerings. So, driven by a desire to fill

this void, I teamed-up with German-speaking expat and fellow parent at the Swiss

International School (SIS), Susanne Hiller, and created a bilingual parent newsletter

to help inform other school families about all the wonderful things available to them

in the region.

Basel Life is Born

After 5 years of creating the SIS-parent newsletter, we decided to make the

information accessible to the greater English-speaking community of Basel. We

paired up with a graphic designer and created the free English-language magazine

called, at the time, Basel Family Magazine.

At first, the magazine was entirely supported by advertisements of small businesses that were of particular interest to our expat community. Very quickly however, the popularity of Basel Family Magazine grew such that we could no longer meet the print demands on advertising income alone. Therefore, in its second year, the magazine became available by

subscription or could be purchased as individual issues. Also, as the content was by

no means restricted to topics relevant only to families but included events and

information for every age and interest, the name was eventually changed to Basel

Life Magazine.

Basel Life Goes Online

The magazine enjoyed a successful 9-year run—until Covid hit. The cultural sector

was struck hard by the pandemic, and as a publication focused on everything there

is to do and see, Basel Life Magazine also struggled to survive. Between last-minute cancellations, venue shut-downs, the closure of purchase locations, and the repeated loss of entire issues, we could no longer continue in this format. Thanks, however, to

popular demand and a successful crowdfunding campaign, we received the financial

backing to create the current digital platform, now simply called Basel Life, which

went live in January 2022.

Like the magazine, Basel Life is an English-language guide to living in Basel with

up-to-date information about events, museum exhibits, fairs, markets, sports, and

excursion ideas, as well as culture, history and practical tips for living in Basel and

Switzerland. An easy-to-use calendar lists events for all age groups and interests

that you can share or download to your electronic calendar with a simple click. On

the homepage, you can remain up to date on the latest information about Basel, like

new bicycle or driving rules, tram re-routing, results of the latest elections and

referendums, and other tidbits of general interest.

Remaining true to our mission to help other expats find everything they need to

make the most of their stay in Basel, the Basel Life website is available free for

everyone to use; there is no subscription, registration, or fee; so check it out at

And if you are part of a nonprofit organization or similar and would like us to publicize

an event that is open to the general public, or if you are a business owner and would

like to promote your products or services to Basel’s English-speaking community

through advertising on our site, please contact us at!

Susanne Hiller & Christine Pesold

Susanne and Christine been working together on Basel Life and its predecessors for more than 14 years.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Christine moved to Basel with her family in 2002 and has been an active volunteer in the expat community since her arrival in Switzerland. She is responsible for selecting, researching, and writing most of the content of Basel Life.

Susanne grew up in Germany but hasn’t lived there for more than 30 years and therefore considers herself an expat. She spent 12 years in the United States before coming to Basel with her family in 2003. She also contributes some of the content of Basel Life and is responsible for quality control as well as serves as advertising manager.


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