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Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Updated: May 12, 2023

Go Switzerland!

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be aired on Saturday May 13 th at 9pm from Liverpool England, and this year Switzerland has made it to the finals! Broadcasting live, SRF will air the often flamboyant and sometimes kitschy entertainment spectacle for an estimated 160 million viewers. If you’re not one of them, you could be missing out.

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision is an international music competition dating back to just after the Second World War. It’s an opportunity to see 37 countries battling for musical glory in the largest song contest on the continent, if not the world. Created in 1956, the first Eurovision took place in Lugano, Switzerland with the aim of promoting unity among European nations. Today the annual event includes singers representing countries from not only Europe but also Africa, the Middle East and even Oceania.

Viewer participation is a big part of it and after the finale has aired, viewers can vote for their favourite song. The voting used to be done completely by TV viewers, but it soon became very political. Now only 50% of the vote is cast by TV viewers, (who aren't allowed to vote for their country), while the other 50% is done by select judges.

How the Swiss Eurovision Song is Selected

Unfortunately Switzerland hasn't always had the best of luck at Eurovision. Switzerland has participated sixty-two times in Eurovision and has won only twice, the most notable contestant being Canadian singer Celine Dion in 1988. In order to improve their standing, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation decided in 2019 to change their song selection process. Instead of a national selection process, they formed a panel of judges made up of select members of the public as well as a number of experts.

In 2022 they invited songwriters, lyricists and musicians of any nationality (preference to Swiss residents) and in any language, to submit entries to be shortlisted and tested by music producers and various artists before being chosen. In other words, next year, it could be you!

Looking for a career change, hoping to be the next Taylor Swift, or just needing a fun night out with friends, I encourage you to check out Eurovision 2023. This year’s Swiss entry is “Watergun” by 21-year- old Remo Forrer from St. Gallen (watch it here). He has strong vocals and a catchy tune that just might bring the contest to Switzerland next year.

Drück die Daumen!

Where to Watch the Grand Finale

At home:

SRF 1, Saturday, May 13 th 9pm ( pre-show starts at 8:15pm)

In Basel:

Les Gareçons, Schwarzwaldallee 200, Basel

Saturday, May 13th starting at 8pm

Free admission or 35 CHF to reserve a seat (incl. aperitif, glass of Prosecco and donation to LGBTQ Ukraine)


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