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article Guidelines

Want to write something for YBI Basel?  Fantastic!

We are excited that you want to be a part of our community.


Here are a few guidelines to get you started.  


Step 1:  Get in contact with us.  Let us know your ideas and we can brainstorm together.


Step 2:  Do a little research.  We pride ourselves on having comprehensive information for our community, so start surfing the web and find some interesting ideas. Please include all your sources at the end of your article.


Step 3:  Write your article.  Articles can vary greatly in length but should be around 500-1500 words depending on the subject.  We also like our articles to be organized and separated into numerous headers so it’s easier for people to read.  If you find yourself a little stuck, ask for some help, we will do our best to inspire.


Step 4: Add some pictures.  We love pictures.  If they are not yours be sure to include photographer credits with them. 


Step 5: Write a short bio on yourself, include a picture of yourself, a bit of background information, your web and social handles along with the following:

  • Where you are from

  • How long you have lived in Basel (or Switzerland)

  • Whether you prefer cheese or chocolate ;) 


Step 6: Submit your article. Hooray! You’ve done all that hard work and we are so excited to read it.  In order to keep with the style of our site we will put your writing through an editing process.  It’s nice to have another perspective and we will check your work for grammar, spelling and organization. For legal reasons we also require you to sign a form giving us consent to publish your work. 


Step 7: We post your awesome article with your bio and you become part of our contributor community!! We promote it on our Facebook and Instagram page and you are also welcome to post it on your own media platforms. 

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